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10 types of tapes that enhances your safety.. and their Uses

To those not directly involved with the industrial sector, the thought of tapes as a means of safety may not even come as an afterthought. But to the men and women that earn their living employed in the warehouses, marine vessels, and other such settings around the world, tape can make all the difference.

Not to be confused with electrical, duct, or even tapes commonly used for personal applications such as wrapping gifts, specialty tapes are an invaluable safety tool. As such, there are many different varieties on the market, each with its own individual set of properties.

Here’s a list of the top 10 tapes currently available, and applications for each.

1. Anti-Slip Tapes

Uses: Along handrails, edges of steps, walkways, scaffolding


Provides a coarse surface designed for additional traction along areas such as steps, corridors, and walkways. Often resistant to weather and other slick liquids like oil and grease, these tapes can increase safety in areas where employees or patrons often travel. Glow-in-the dark varieties are available for areas of low light.

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2. Anti-Splashing Tapes

Uses: Mainly on the joints and fittings of pipes transporting liquids

There are a lot of fluids and chemicals that travel through the pipe infrastructure of industrial businesses, and many of the liquids are hot, volatile, or both. Very commonly found on maritime vessels, these tapes are affixed to fittings or weakened areas that could potentially drip or rupture. They help contain hazardous spills, and even redirect fluid in the case of leaks.

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3. Spray Control Tapes

Uses: Mainly on the joints and fittings of pipes transporting liquids

Work much in the same way as Anti-Splash Tapes, but designed to help contain the flow of only specific types of chemicals.

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4. Barrier Tapes

Uses: For blocking off areas, creating trails and paths


Durable and weather-resistant, these tapes serve as a way to direct or prohibit traffic in both indoor and outdoor locations. There are a wide variety of color combinations available to fit a business’s individual needs, but understand that some patterns are universal to certain situations and can only be used for those applications (more info on that here). These tapes are also sometimes emblazoned with terms such as “Caution” or “Prohibited” in order to increase their awareness.

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5. Flagging Tapes

Uses: Attention-grabbing; not necessarily a prohibitive measure

Not a tape in the traditional sense as these products generally don’t have a sticky adhesive, flagging tapes can still grasp areas such as trees, pipes, or other materials that demand attention. Manufactured with bright, fluorescent colors that immediately catch the eye, these waterproof tapes are often used within the surveying industry.

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6. Floor Marking Tapes


Uses: Over areas of floor or walkway damage

As the name implies, these tapes are meant to be used whenever there is potentially hazardous damage to floors. They can be applied quickly and removed without any lasting damage to the surface. Generally much more effective than other measures like cones or portable signs, which are often moved or ignored altogether.

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7. Photoluminescent Tapes

Uses: Emergency exits, outdoor events

With glow-in-the-dark functionality, these tapes works by absorbing light from ambient sources, then illuminating dark hallways and corridors. Capable of being used outdoors, these are beneficial in guiding people towards emergency exits, especially in the presence of smoke.

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8. Hazard Reflective Tapes

Uses: On emergency vehicles, or indoors parking garages

Yellow-Black Color and Red-White Color Hazard Reflective Tapes

Highly durable with an almost mirror-like surface, these tapes are meant to notify those in the immediate area of potentially dangerous situations or heavy machinery.

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9. Safety Reflective Tapes

Uses: Vests, running shoes, bikes, athletic attire

Bright, colorful tapes that call attention to whatever they’re attached to. Often found on safety vests, but also have applications for runners or cyclists, especially when exercising at night.

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10. Retro-Reflective Tapes

Uses: Boats, life vests, motorcycle helmets

Produced with encapsulated glass lens beads, these tapes utilize a special honeycomb appearance that captures and reflects large amounts of light, much more so than found in other reflective tapes. Select variations are favored by the maritime industry, and are often found on life preservation devices.

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A Tape For Every Occasion

Judging from the list above, it’s easy to see why some could be confused as to which would be the best option for a specific scenario. But the great thing is that tapes generally aren’t very expensive, and it may be worth experimenting with a few different types to create a combination suited for your own needs.

Many can be cut to size, or even customized with particular colors or phrases. Just remember to double check and make sure that whatever tape you choose isn’t reserved for a specific application (i.e. exclusive to the maritime or surveying industries). If ever in doubt, be sure to ask ahead of time to reduce the chance of getting something that you won’t be able to use.