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Anatomy of a Great Pair of Night Vision Binoculars

Nighttime can be the right time for trying to sneak a peek at a host of fantastic things. Astronomers will attest to the celestial delicacies that hang high in the sky and many sportsmen elect to hunt their prey under the cover of dark. If bird watching is more your thing, then you already know that certain fowl are nocturnal and simply can’t be viewed during the day.

Before you head off to partake in your hobby of choice, make sure that when packing your equipment that you bring along the right tools for the job. In the case of nighttime viewing, regular binoculars aren’t going to cut it; you’ll need something more fitting for the moment.

The engineers over at Bushnell understand viewing technology better than most, as they’ve been leading the industry in building binoculars and other accessories for more than 70 years. Innovators in the field, many of their products are considered to be the gold standard in visual enhancement devices.

Their latest offering, the Equinox Z Night Vision Binoculars, are the binoculars that other models wish they were. With a full set of features that’ll ensure you’ve always got a great view when the sun goes down (or even when it’s up, more on that later), this could very well be the last pair of binoculars you’ll ever purchase. And since you’re probably wondering why we’re so confident about that, read on to learn more about this marvel of manufacturing.

Gen-2 Performance at a Fraction of the Price

Night view enhancing devices like night vision binoculars are categorized in what’s referred to as “generations,” of which there are currently four. As the devices climb in number, the quality of the image presented improves; an upgrade that often carries a higher price tag.

Gen 2 goggles produce a much clearer, less distorted image than previous Gen 1 iterations, but at a cost that can easily head north of $3,000 SGD, putting these units out of reach for many (much less to say that they are controlled item in Singapore – not mean for purchase by civilians like ourselves).

Thankfully, the team at Bushnell has developed technology that mimics the clarity of Gen 2 products, and does so much more affordably. You’ll enjoy crystal clear views every single time, with a binocular that you can actually afford to own!

IPX4 Waterproofing

Mother Nature can be known to be less than accommodating when it comes to providing optimal weather for voyeuristic ventures. So you should expect that, on occasion, even the best-laid plans will be subject to a little rain.

Thanks to IPX4 Waterproofing and a sturdy rubber casing, your new pair of Equinox Z Night Vision Binoculars can withstand some water and continue to work. Just how much? You should avoid dropping them in a puddle (or larger!), but don’t fret should the skies open up and you find yourself in a downpour. Bushnell isn’t going to let a little rain derail your outdoor pleasure.

IR Illumination for Great Views

Night vision binoculars are built to be used long after the sun has set, but they still rely on ambient light to be able to capture imagery. However, sometimes the natural glow of the moon and stars is drowned out by overcast conditions. In this case, the inclusion of an IR illuminator is absolute necessary.

Capable of producing its own source of infrared light, the IR Illuminator provides the binoculars with the ever-important brightness they’ll need to be able to capture images. Without it, your views would be nearly indeterminable.

Easily Record and Share Photos and Videos

Some things are just too good to keep to yourself. The Equinox Z Night Vision Binoculars can capture both still photos and video, and store them to the internal SD card. There’s also a video out option for streaming directly to a PC or television.

As a nice bonus, we’ve also discovered that by using the included USB cable, you can plug the binoculars directly into an external power supply or power bank and give your device all the juice it needs for much longer than you’d get from using the otherwise-required four AA batteries. (Editor’s note: Bushnell does not specifically suggest this, but it is something we’ve tried successfully on many occasions. Should you wish to do so, you assume all responsibility for your device.)

Suitable for Both Day and Night Use

Consider this a PSA for those who’ve never owned night vision binoculars before, and a friendly reminder for those who have:

The sun’s UV rays can, and most likely will, cause irreversible damage to regular night vision binoculars should you attempt to use them during the day (or in environments with lights).

But you don’t get to be an industry-leader like Bushnell for 70 years by making run-of-the-mill devices, and the Equinox Z binoculars are anything but. They can be used under bright, sunny skies just as easily as they can at night, and you’ll still enjoy exceptional views at all times.

The Blueprint for a Better Binocular

If you were to sit down and make a list of everything that a great night vision binocular should have, it would likely include most of the features discussed here. To that end, consider the Equinox Z Night Vision Binoculars the answer to your nighttime viewing prayers.

Bushnell knows what they’re doing when it comes to innovating new technology in the field of view enhancing. They want you to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, whether that’s hunting prey, trying to discover new stars, or get a closer view of your favorite sports team. And we’re certain that the Equinox Z Night Vision Binoculars will earn their place as a worthy addition to your collection.

The Bushnell Equinox Z is available in the binocular and monocular form to suits different user needs. For more information and to purchase, click on the following links for our Equinox Z Night Vision binoculars and Equinox Z Night  Vision Monoculars.

If you aren’t yet decided that Equinox Z is THE only night vision optic that you need, we’d like to welcome you to to visit our office to try out the binocular and monocular with zero obligation to purchase. 

Introduction video of the Equinox Z monocular: