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Best Binoculars for Astronomy & Stargazing

Star gazing is a favorite pastime of many. The joy of setting up underneath the heavens on a clear night while attempting to gain a better view of the moon or a favorite constellation is a relaxing way to spend a warm summer evening. Scientists, astronomy buffs, and the hobbyist alike can all attest to the serene calm instilled by marveling at the great dark abyss, brimming with its astronomical awesomeness.

In order to fully appreciate all the celestial delights that the night sky has to offer, one would need a tool built specifically for such an activity. Fujinon has constructed a line of larger binoculars for such occasions, dubbed the LB 150 series. While designed for astronomical observation, the line still employs the same level of care and craftsmanship that has become synonymous with Fujinon across all of their product offerings.

All models in the LB 150 series use a 150mm objective lens, which is an absolute must for anyone that wants an exceptional astral viewing experience. While it is true that smaller, hand held binoculars can allow for an acceptable view of the sky, a 150mm objective lens provides a degree of visibility and clarity that just can’t be met by smaller binoculars. And since these are large binoculars, it is worth mentioning that they’re less portable than their smaller counterparts. Fujinon recognizes this and each device is built for quick and easy tripod mounting.

Pretty ingenious way to use the large binocular, isn’t it?

Durability is always a major factor with any product designed to be used outdoors, and to that end the delicate internal components are encased in a rugged housing unit that can withstand repeated use and provide maximal protection and shock resistance. For those moments when a night under the stars abruptly turns into a night under an umbrella or for anyone that enjoys spending time out on the water, every pair is also completely waterproof.

Fujinon employed employ use of a special Electron Beam Coating (EBC) on all lenses in their larger binoculars. This is important because a percentage of light reflected from the viewed object can be lost, resulting in a decidedly less vibrant image. The EBC coating helps reduce the amount of light lost and provide a superior level of clarity and resolution. That means you’ll enjoy a clear view of the stars and planets without having to worry about haziness or distortion.

The Fujinon LB 150 series currently contains 5 different products, each with its own set of benefits and features. While every model is optimal for astronomy purposes, one should consider the specific qualities of each design and how it relates to their particular situation. A major point to consider is the measurement of the amount of eye relief a pair of binoculars provides. Eye relief is the distance between where the eyepiece lens is and the user’s pupil. The larger the distance, the further away the user is able to be while still being able effectively see the displayed images. This is especially important for people that have to wear glasses, as they’d need a maximal amount of eye relief to able to still enjoy the view without removing their glasses. Typical handheld binoculars provide a distance of 9-12 mm, but the Fujinon LB 150 line ranges between 15-18 mm, which is more than ample distance to accommodate eyeglasses. Also worth noting is that many binocular manufacturers don’t combine a wide-viewing angle lens with a large eye relief for fear that it may compromise the viewing experience, but Fujinon has found just the right way to do so without loss of image clarity.

The sky is full of delights just waiting to be discovered, and Fujinon has put the power to do so in the hands of night owls everywhere. The LB 150 line is a comprehensive solution for astronomical observation and has been showered with praise from industry experts for its impressive capabilities.  Explore the entire product line of our Fujinon LB150 series and discover a great new pair of binoculars that would make even Galileo jealous!