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Binoculars that the Seafarers can’t help but love

Some people feel more at home on the water than they do in their own backyard. The sound of the waves breaking and the smell of the ocean air beckon to their aquatic nature, and when that call comes, they answer it. But just as essential as it is to have a good fishing pole or a cooler full of snacks, any day spent on the open sea just isn’t complete without a great pair of binoculars.

While one could argue the point that any pair of binoculars would work just as well on surf as they do on turf, just ask anyone that has accidentally dropped a pair into the ocean. The truth is that regular binoculars are meant for those who haven’t quite developed their sea legs yet, and being on the water presents a set of challenges that require a special tool for the job.

Fujinon, launched under the Fujifilm umbrella of brands, was created as a means to provide premiere optical solutions to clients with varying needs. Their product lines incorporate superior features and benefits designed to address even the most niche of needs, and they certainly didn’t disappoint with the Mariner Series binoculars.

Viewing clear and crisp images is the sole reason for investing in a pair of binoculars. The degree of magnification is oftentimes a number that consumers may seek out before making a purchase. However, more doesn’t necessarily mean better when taking into account the situation. It’s not often that bodies of water will maintain completely still, and the natural rocking motion created by the movement of the water can make for poor image quality. While there are binoculars that have high degrees of magnification available, if not assisted by an additional (and sometimes expensive) stabilization feature, image clarity may suffer. It is widely accepted that the optimal magnification level for binoculars used on the water is 7x, and products in the Mariner series abide by that standard. When combined with a 50 mm objective lens, it’s the perfect mix to be able to enjoy uncompromised views even in the midst of a shaky environment.

And yes, I can survive in water

In getting back to the previously mentioned point of what happens when an ordinary pair of binoculars is dropped into a body of water, it isn’t pretty. With the Mariner line, water damage is never a concern. Each model is purged with nitrogen gas which makes for a product that is completely airtight, even if dropped into the ocean. In order to prevent accidents, every pair comes equipped with a floating strap which helps lessen the incidence of sinking should they be submerged.


Aside from creating an unpredictable surface to stand on, there’s another issue that the natural motion of water causes that Fujinon took into consideration. Vessels on the water move, and things onboard those vessels also tend to move in tune with the motion of the ocean. Fujinon builds binoculars built to last, and they achieve this by using durable materials in every point of manufacturing, including premium grade rubber that can withstand the special circumstances of being used on the water. The pair that you use this afternoon is rugged enough to still be in perfect working condition years from now. When you buy Fujinon, you’re not just buying another pair of binoculars; you’re making an investment in your viewing pleasure for years to come.

High-end binoculars tend to carry an exorbitant price tag, but Fujinon has managed to create a premium product that anyone can afford. So while some may argue that regular binoculars may be acceptable for use on the water, industry experts agree that the Fujinon Mariner Series outperforms standard devices and is second to none.