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Choosing between Fujinon Hyper Clarity Binoculars HC8x42 and HC10x42

Both the HC8x42 and the HC10x42 binoculars belong to the Fujinon Hyper Clarity Series where the key emphasis is on the ultra clear lens resolution and the sleek (but yet tough built body). When we have binoculars that are so identical it could be difficult to make a choice between them – and of course if money is not an issue, one can just purchase both of them and use them interchangeably 😉

For those of us who have to make a tough choice between the 2 models, we hope that by providing some comparison between the 2 models, it will make it easier for you to make your choice when choosing between these 2 models

Product Specifications Comparison:

Country of OriginJapanJapan
Prism TypeRoofRoof
Objective Lens Diameter42mm42mm
Field of View6.5°
Field of View @ 1000mtr136mtr114mtr
Focus TypeCenter FocusCenter Focus
Minimum Focus Distance2.0mtr2.0mtr
Exit Pupil Diameter5.3mm4.2mm
Eye Relief18mm16mm
Dioptric Compensation±4m±4m
Pupil Distance57-76mm57-76mm
WaterproofYes(1mtr – 5min, not to be used underwater)Yes(1mtr – 5min, not to be used underwater)
Fog ProofYesYes
Filter DiameterM46x0.75M46x0.75
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ +50°C-10°C ~ +50°C
Standard AccessoriesObjective lens Cap, Eyepiece caps, Carrying case, Neck StrapObjective lens Cap, Eyepiece caps, Carrying case, Neck Strap
Weight (binoculars only)Approx. 786gApprox. 778g
Table comparing the specs of HC8x42 and HC10x42

Key differences between HC8x42 and HC10x42:

  • Magnification level of 8x vs 10x – the higher the magnification the bigger objects will appear to be and hence generally a binocular with higher magnification will allow you to view more details. However do note that when you are using a binocular with higher magnification (usually 10x and above), it will be recommended that you use it with a tripod as otherwise the view tends to get rather shaky (higher magnification will amplify the shakiness caused your hands movement) and making your view feel rather uncomfortable
  • Field of view of 8° vs 6.5° – the bigger the field of view is, the bigger and wider the area that you will be able to view using the binocular.

Our opinions:

  • If you enjoy activities like stargazing where the object is further away and you would like to be able to view as much details (of the object) as possible – get HC10x42
  • If you are usually using the binocular to scan/scout around and hence prefer to be able to view a wider areas when using the binocular – get HC8x42
  • If you are frequently on the move and the usage of a tripod is usually not that feasible when using the binocular – get HC8x42

Here you go, we hope that the above information helps make it easier for you to make your choice. Or otherwise, you can also make an appointment with us (give us a call/drop us an email) to visit our office/showroom to try out both models to have a better feel on which model do you prefer – afterall, regardless of all the technical specs on paper, what matters most is still how you feel personally when you are holding and viewing through the binoculars.