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The Fujinon Techno Stabi Binoculars

Anyone who spends a fair amount of time outdoors realizes the importance of owning a great set of binoculars, especially when it comes to enjoying breathtaking sights from afar. But run-of-the-mill models are hampered by their shortcomings. Units are sometimes too cumbersome and bulky to hold for more than a few seconds at a time before needing to be placed on a tripod or other device. Many are built from inferior materials or are susceptible to water damage. Worst of all, devices of old can’t accurately reflect images that were moving and oftentimes won’t function properly in shaky situations, regardless of the size of the disturbance.

Fujinon recognized the need for a pair of binoculars that would provide a level of optical clarity befitting of those who enjoy the great outdoors, while also employing the use of advancements in ergonomics and lens technology to provide a viewing experience that is far superior to other models on the market.  The Techno Stabi Series binoculars addresses all the needs of outdoorsmen and combines clarity, comfort, and durability into a product that’s light years ahead of its competitors.

One of the more impressive features of this premium line is the ability to provide image stabilization in the presence of a shaky situation, without the need for costly additional equipment such as a tripod. No matter the magnitude of the vibration, the on-board stabilization feature can auto-correct and produce a smooth and clear experience for the user. This is especially useful for instances spent out on the water or when used from inside of a moving vehicle. The stabilization feature also makes it easier to view moving objects such as birds or other animals, and a central focusing system makes it possible to view anything at a moment’s notice and quickly shift between different objects of interest.

See how Fujinon’s image-stabilization makes viewing more pleasurable in shaky environment: 

The Techno Stabi line also represents a huge improvement over binoculars of years past by incorporating major advances in optical viewing technology. Depending on the model, the level of magnification produced ranges between 12-14x to provide maximal viewing from afar. Multi-coated lenses yield a flawless degree of visual acuity allowing for images that are always clear and crisp. The lenses also employ use of a special coating that improves the level of clarity whenever the intended object is near a relatively bright area, which can sometimes produce an undesired flare effect.

Not only do these binoculars assemble a who’s who of the latest technological advances on the inside, they’re also built to be tough enough to handle every day wear-and-tear on the outside. Premium grade rubber and other durable materials safely house and protect all of the intricate internal components without causing the unit to be excessively heavy. In fact, before inserting the battery, all devices within the line weight less than three pounds, providing for an afternoon of viewing fun without strain or fatigue!  And should you find yourself caught in a rain shower, or even accidentally drop your pair into the lake (there’s an included hand strap to help prevent that!), there’s no need to worry, as the units are also completely waterproof.

Fujinon designed these products for both hobbyists and professionals alike. For those who enjoy spending lazy afternoons bird watching or the daringly brave that trek along the African savanna in hunt of larger-than-life wildlife, Techno Stabi delivers an uncompromised view. And for those who make a living in the outdoors, particularly anyone who spends their days working on the water, the need for a pair of binoculars that provides the highest quality of image reflection even in the midst of extreme vibrations is almost as essential as any other tool used on the job. Whether for sport or leisure, Techno Stabi is sure to offer something for everyone.

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