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Happy 2021!

In just another day, we will be waving goodbye to year 2020 and moving into 2021

This year has been an especially unforgettable and challenging year for many of us – with COVID19 swinging in and bringing our lives and business to an almost standstill.

Being a SME, the impact of COVID 19 on our business is even more so intense and we are grateful that through the generous support of our customers, business partners and team members, we have been able to survive and hopefully to be able to ride out this challenging period even stronger.

Even though we would definitely hope that COVID 19 has never happened, this unexpected crisis tested and also strengthened our ability & willingness to abandon a lot of our standards practices (that no longer works in our current landscape) and adapt our business quickly in order to meet the changing needs of our customers. And we will definitely continue to evolve our business so as to ensure that you’ll have every reasons to continue supporting us.

Moving into 2021, we hopes that the implementation of the vaccination can help to jumpstart our economy and that we can continue to bring you even more products at even better prices.

Here’s to wishing everyone A Happy 2021!

May the new year bring us lots of happiness and joys ahead!

Unitech Supplies Team