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Using Metal Detectors for Fun & Safety

The act of metal detecting is curious and quaint. For some, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon in the backyard unearthing treasures buried from eras gone by. But metal detectors can also prevent a night of music and festivities for concertgoers from coming to a screeching halt with catastrophic consequences. Continue reading Using Metal Detectors for Fun & Safety

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Anatomy of a Great Pair of Night Vision Binoculars

Nighttime can be the right time for trying to sneak a peek at a host of fantastic things. Astronomers will attest to the celestial delicacies that hang high in the sky and many sportsmen elect to hunt their prey under the cover of dark. If bird watching is more your thing, then you already know that certain fowl are nocturnal and simply can’t be viewed during the day.

Before you head off to partake in your hobby of choice, make sure that when packing your equipment that you bring along the right tools for the job. In the case of nighttime viewing, regular binoculars aren’t going to cut it; you’ll need something more fitting for the moment. Continue reading Anatomy of a Great Pair of Night Vision Binoculars

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A History of Hook and Loop Fasteners (and 20 Great Uses!)

Learn everything you’ve ever wanted about your favorite adhesive.

It’s been said that inspiration is everywhere and that it strikes when we least expect it.

Velcro Inventor – George De Mestral

That was the case for Swiss engineer George de Mestral, who noticed that after a warm summer trek through the woods with his dog, burdock seeds had become attached to both his clothing and the fur of his pet. Ever curious as to the exact mechanism behind the seeds latching on and refusing to let go, his decision to further study the idea would build the foundation for what we now know as VELCRO®. Continue reading A History of Hook and Loop Fasteners (and 20 Great Uses!)

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Everything You Need to Know About Implementing Breathalyzer Tests in a Singapore Company

An easy-to-follow guide for those considering blood alcohol testing for their workplace.

(*This article is intended for informative purposes only, and should not be considered a replacement for professional legal advice. If you have any questions relating to BAC testing in your business, please consult with the appropriate legal professionals.)

As a major supplier of safety and measurement devices to a variety of industry across Singapore and abroad, we’re often contacted by corporate clients who want to know:

Is it legal to purchase, and use, a breathalyzer within our organization?Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Implementing Breathalyzer Tests in a Singapore Company

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Breathalyzers Uses in Singapore

A Brief History of Breathalyzers

Ever wonder who invented breathalyzers, when was it invented and what brought about the invention of breathalyzers? Believe it or not, there was a precursor to today’s breathalyzers and it’s roots date back to the thirties – an era of both the Great Depression and Prohibition.

It began around the time when Prohibition Continue reading Breathalyzers Uses in Singapore

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Notice of Office Closure for Lunar New Year 2018

Dear Customers & Partners,

In just a few weeks time, we will be celebrating Lunar New Year 2018 and as such, please kindly note that our office will be closed for business from 15th February 2018 and will reopen again on 20th February 2018.

With this, we would like to forward our wishes for you to have a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.

May your journey be always filled with wealth, good health and success through the year ahead!


Unitech Supplies Pte Ltd.

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Making our website more secure with HTTPS

First of all, Happy 2018, and thanks for visiting our site.

If you have been visiting our site for a while, you might have noticed some slight changes on our website (or rather our website’s url, to be precise).

Previously when you visit our website, no matter which page you are on, our urls will starts with and right now if you look up to the address bar of your browser you will notice that the url now starts (noticed the additional “s” after the http?) Continue reading Making our website more secure with HTTPS

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Unitech Supplies wishes you Merry Christmas 2017

Dear customers and partners,

2017 has been an eventful year for us, with lots of new experience and growth.

As 2017 draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to thanks you for all the support and trust that you have placed in us – it wouldn’t be such a fantastic year without you.

At the same time, we would also like to wish you and your loved ones, a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with fun, cheer and a special holiday magic that can only be found at this time of the year.

Look forward to entering into an even more exciting 2018 together with you.

Best Wishes
Your Unitech Supplies Team

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Binoculars that the Seafarers can’t help but love

Some people feel more at home on the water than they do in their own backyard. The sound of the waves breaking and the smell of the ocean air beckon to their aquatic nature, and when that call comes, they answer it. But just as essential as it is to have a good fishing pole or a cooler full of snacks, any day spent on the open sea just isn’t complete without a great pair of binoculars.

While one could argue the point that any pair of binoculars would work just as well on surf as they do on turf, just ask anyone that has accidentally dropped a pair into the ocean. The truth is that regular binoculars are meant for those who haven’t quite developed their sea legs yet, and being on the water presents a set of challenges that require a special tool for the job.
Continue reading Binoculars that the Seafarers can’t help but love

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Best Binoculars for Astronomy & Stargazing

Star gazing is a favorite pastime of many. The joy of setting up underneath the heavens on a clear night while attempting to gain a better view of the moon or a favorite constellation is a relaxing way to spend a warm summer evening. Scientists, astronomy buffs, and the hobbyist alike can all attest to the serene calm instilled by marveling at the great dark abyss, brimming with its astronomical awesomeness.

In order to fully appreciate all the celestial delights that the night sky has to offer, one would need a tool built specifically for such an activity. Fujinon has constructed a line of larger binoculars for such occasions, dubbed the LB 150 series. While designed for astronomical observation, the line still employs the same level of care and craftsmanship that has become synonymous with Fujinon across all of their product offerings.
Continue reading Best Binoculars for Astronomy & Stargazing