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Binoculars that the Seafarers can’t help but love

Some people feel more at home on the water than they do in their own backyard. The sound of the waves breaking and the smell of the ocean air beckon to their aquatic nature, and when that call comes, they answer it. But just as essential as it is to have a good fishing pole or a cooler full of snacks, any day spent on the open sea just isn’t complete without a great pair of binoculars.

While one could argue the point that any pair of binoculars would work just as well on surf as they do on turf, just ask anyone that has accidentally dropped a pair into the ocean. The truth is that regular binoculars are meant for those who haven’t quite developed their sea legs yet, and being on the water presents a set of challenges that require a special tool for the job.
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Best Binoculars for Astronomy & Stargazing

Star gazing is a favorite pastime of many. The joy of setting up underneath the heavens on a clear night while attempting to gain a better view of the moon or a favorite constellation is a relaxing way to spend a warm summer evening. Scientists, astronomy buffs, and the hobbyist alike can all attest to the serene calm instilled by marveling at the great dark abyss, brimming with its astronomical awesomeness.

In order to fully appreciate all the celestial delights that the night sky has to offer, one would need a tool built specifically for such an activity. Fujinon has constructed a line of larger binoculars for such occasions, dubbed the LB 150 series. While designed for astronomical observation, the line still employs the same level of care and craftsmanship that has become synonymous with Fujinon across all of their product offerings.
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The Fujinon Techno Stabi Binoculars

Anyone who spends a fair amount of time outdoors realizes the importance of owning a great set of binoculars, especially when it comes to enjoying breathtaking sights from afar. But run-of-the-mill models are hampered by their shortcomings. Units are sometimes too cumbersome and bulky to hold for more than a few seconds at a time before needing to be placed on a tripod or other device. Many are built from inferior materials or are susceptible to water damage. Worst of all, devices of old can’t accurately reflect images that were moving and oftentimes won’t function properly in shaky situations, regardless of the size of the disturbance.

Fujinon recognized the need for a pair of binoculars that would provide a level of optical clarity befitting of those who enjoy the great outdoors, while also employing the use of advancements in ergonomics and lens technology to provide a viewing experience that is far superior to other models on the market.  The Techno Stabi Series binoculars addresses all the needs of outdoorsmen and combines clarity, comfort, and durability into a product that’s light years ahead of its competitors.
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Binoculars VS Monoculars : Which is Better?

Prefer a monocular? No problem, just remove a roll 😉

Which is Better?

We frequently get asked this question by our customers when they are trying to decide between purchasing a binocular and a monocular.

However, there simply isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question as it will really depend on how you are intending to use it and what your personal preference is.

So, what are the key differences between a Binocular and a Monocular?

The most obvious difference between a binocular and a monocular is the way they look and the way they are being used. A binocular typically looks like what you’ll get after combining 2 pieces of monoculars together.

For a monocular, it has only one lens that you can hold up to one eye (you can choose to use your left or right eye based on your personal preference), while a binocular comes with 2 lens which you can hold up to both eyes.

“A monocular is simply half a binocular.” ~ Mr Will ~

When should I opt for a binocular or monocular?
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Protecting Your Business with Anti-Splashing Tapes (for Ship and Industrial Plants Owners!!)

Piper Disaster

The piping infrastructures of industrial plants and marine vessels are necessary to transport important chemicals needed to ensure that machinery operates effectively, but these chemicals can also pose serious danger if pipes rupture or leak.  Oils, acids, and steam can cause damage to surrounding equipment, resulting in loss of revenue and productivity due to downtime.  More importantly, crew members have suffered from injuries, which in some cases have proven to be fatal.

Industry officials recognized the need for facilities to implement measures in order to reduce and eliminate safety concerns before they even arise.  The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), which is responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of those individuals that work on marine vessels, has decreed an ordinance known as Chapter Amendment 2-2 , requiring that ships install some measure of protection to keep oils and other dangerously flammable materials from leaking out of pipes.
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Night Vision Binoculars: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Even Antelopes use night vision binoculars to spot their predators
Antelopes seen using night vision binoculars to spot their predators

Even if you’ve never owned any, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with night vision binoculars.  A necessary tool of hunters, mariners, campers, and anybody else that believes the best things in life happen long after the sun has set, they can make visible most objects that would normally be obscured in the presence of darkness.  So whether you’re scoping out a trophy buck or trying to navigate a foggy lake in the middle of the night, night vision binoculars can shed a little light on your endeavors.

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a pair, there are a few things you should take into account before handing over your hard earned cash.  Different models and classes of night vision binoculars are available, including traditional optical lens-based versions and newer digital based models.
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5 facts that you need to know about Breathalyzer before buying one


Recently, we have seen an increase in interest for breathalyzer among our customers and as not everyone really knows much about breathalyzer, we hopes to be able to help you clarify some basic questions about breathalyzers here.

If you are already considering purchasing a breathalyzer or simply wants to know more about breathalyzers, we hope this post will be able to help provide you with more information in this aspect and if not, please feel free to drop us a comment or email us directly at .

  1. What is a Breathalyzer?

Breathalyzer, also known as an Alcohol tester or Drunkometer (this is actually what it used to be called, when it was initially invented in the 1930s), is a device used for estimating a person level of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC*) by measuring the amount of alcohol in one’s breath.
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The 7 colour combinations of Barrier Tapes that you need to know.

In Unitech Supplies, we supplies both barrier tapes with wordings and barrier tapes with different colours. The barricade tapes with wordings easy to understand as the instruction such as “DANGER DO NOT ENTER” are clearly indicated on the tapes.

However, for barricade tapes that are in different colours combinations (without the wordings), most folks are not aware of the different purposes/protocols behind the different colours.

Unknown to most people, there is actually a standard protocol for the usage of different colour combination for barricade tapes and the most widely followed protocol is the 7 colour combinations protocol is specified by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as follows:
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First collaboration with WSH Council

Appointed as Anti Slip Tapes Supplier  for WSH Council

 WSH Council and Unitech Supplies
Recently we have been working with Work Safety and Health Council Singapore (WSH) to supply them with Anti-Slip Tapes for over 400 companies who are participating in their workplace safety event – in case you are not familiar with WSH, they are an agency established in 2008, working closely with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and other government agencies, the industry, unions, and professional associations to develop strategies to raise WSH standards in Singapore and realize the national WSH 2018 vision.

We are greatly honored to be appointed as the anti-slip tapes supplier for this event and to have the opportunity to help contribute towards a safer workplace for everyone in Singapore.
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Everything (almost) you need to know about Binoculars!

What is this article about?

Are you looking at buying your first binocular but lack the necessary information to make the decision on what you should look out for in a binocular? Or do you already have a collection of binoculars but wants to know more about features of your binoculars so as to be able to fully utilize what your binoculars can offer you?

If you are any of the above or just someone who is simply interested in knowing more about binoculars, this guide will provide you with all (if not most) of the essential information about binoculars.

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