Breathalyzer (Alcohol Testers)

Alcohol testing needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to generate precise results. That is why you should opt for these breathalyzers, incorporated with the latest technology engineered to detect even the slightest trace of alcohol. This type of breath alcohol testers has been used worldwide in a number of fields such as law enforcement and industrial sectors.

You don’t have to get a blood sample for lab testing – these digital breathalyzers resolve that issue by providing instant results after correctly measuring the blood alcohol content (BAC). They offer a less tedious and time-consuming solution.

The digital alcohol testers are highly advanced, which is why the results are always accurate without room for errors. You don’t require any extra verification for this purpose as a single reading is adequate.

No more undertaking the hassle of drawing a blood sample and then taking it to a lab. It can take awhile to get back the results, but using a digital alcohol tester offers a fuss-free way to determine the BAC. Just ask the person to blow into the mouthpiece and you get an immediate reading.

These breathalyzers are equipped with disposable mouthpieces that are attached before the test and discarded after use. Thus there are no unhygienic situations or risk of infections that could occur from blowing into a mouthpiece used by several others beforehand.

Alcohol testers are necessary precautions these days and can be extensively applied to curb drunk driving, boost workplace safety, and implement strong alcohol management programs.

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Showing all 5 results