Fujinon FMT Series Binoculars

The FUJINON FMT/MT series high performance binoculars are designed for use in marine environments where maximum light transmission, crystal clear images, and waterproof construction are essential.

And also for astronomical viewing where high power and freedom from distortion are critically important. Large objective lenses and multi-layer EBC (electron beam coating) applied to every optical surface, make these the brightest of binoculars. The dry-nitrogen purged, cast, light-alloy housings employ advanced ergonomics for comfortable use with the strength associated with meeting and exceeding military specifications.

FMTRC-SX and MTRC-SX models have a build-in compass for navigating support. A reticle is provided (visible through the left eyepiece) for measuring distances and object sizes.

Take a look at the video to check out FMT series Binoculars in action:

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Showing all 7 results