Fujinon Mariner Series Binoculars

These oceanic binoculars are the most reliable companion for various marine-leisure activities. They were developed primarily for use on vessels, featuring waterproofing, light weight and robustness.

These low price but high performance binoculars will play an active role not only at sea, but in any field.

The binoculars are charged with nitrogen gas for a completely waterproof structure. Attaching the specially deigned floating strap (included) will prevent your binoculars from sinking, even if you should drop the binoculars into the water.

*If there is any particular binocular model that you are looking for and is not listed in our website, please feel free to contact us @ (65) 6848 4867 or email us at sales@unitech.com.sg and we will update you on the availability within 24 hours.

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Showing all 2 results