Fujinon Techno Stabi Series Binoculars

Providing still pictures even under shaky conditions. Equipped with the most advance third-generation image stabilization system.

FUJIFILM has been developing image stabilizing binoculars for over 20 years. Today’s “TECHNO-STABI” is the third generation, offering the fusion of advance technologies in optics and electronics.

Even when following moving objects from a vibrating platform (i.e. from a boat, vehicle, or helicopter), it allows you to easily view stable images at high magnification without a tripod. The stabilization system can correct both large and small vibrations. In addition to professional observation and monitoring in fishing, mountain and ocean rescue work fields, these binoculars are very useful for various leisure activities such as marine sports,, whale and seabird watching on the ocean, and on safaris.

Comes with an easy-to-use hand strap.

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Showing all 4 results