SIKA Pressure Calibrators

When it comes to pressure, measurements need to be both accurate and reliable.  SIKA brand pressure calibrators are not only the most respected, but also one of the most widely used instruments in the engineering field today.  Long regarded for their ability to provide an exact measurement in a fast and efficient manner, SIKA is the brand that more industry experts rely upon.  By incorporating a unique and patented form of technology, the SIKA instruments are capable of measuring the direct connection of all pressure systems during the testing process, by way of using included adapters.

While we offer a wide variety of different pressure calibrators, two of the most popular we carry are:

1. Sika Hydraulic pressure pump Type P 700.2
Operates via the use of a distilled water medium.

2. Sika Pneumatic Pressure Pump Type P 40.2
Operates via the use of an air pressure medium.

Key Features of the SIKA line of Calibrators:

  1. Practicality
  2. Convenience of mobility
  3. Ease of use
  4. OEM version and full version available

When you need a Pressure Calibrator, join the ranks of professionals around the world and purchase from SIKA, the most accurate and reliable instrument available today.

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Showing all 2 results