SIKA Temperature Calibrators

From SIKA, the industry leader in measurement tools, comes the most technically advanced temperature calibrator on the market.  Accurate and reliable, this calibrator is also one the easiest and most effective ways to gather a correct temperature reading.  SIKA is known for innovation, and they’ve installed a patented dry block feature which allows the calibrator to function without requiring any change to the calibration medium itself.  Fluctuations in the medium will not distort the reading.

SIKA temperature calibrators are able to gather an accurate reading from the test item with the use of a supplied adapter sleeve. By using the adapter, almost any type of sensor can be calibrated, regardless of the length or diameter.

SIKA temperature calibrators are versatile enough to be used almost anywhere, including in labs, shops, and out in the field.  Experts across a wide variety of industries from around the world rely on SIKA instruments, including professionals involved in:

  • Assembly of materials
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Maintenance and service
  • Quality assurance and equipment monitoring
  • Repair

SIKA has developed a reputation for producing the highest quality, easiest to use, and most reliable measurement tools available.  It’s no surprise as to why they are the preferred choice of professionals within many industries.

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