Digital Night Vision

Night vision goggles are an excellent tool to assist in hunting prey or performing work under conditions of low light, but devices of old were typically flawed in many ways. Newer models are able to provide users with crystal clear visual acuity, as well as an impressive host of benefits only made recently available because of advancements in technology.

Digital Night Vision Goggles, available in both binocular and monocular variations, provide a crisp, clean view of objects under the cover of night, without the annoying green hues often experienced with previous generations of goggles. Older devices were also generally unable to be used during the day, as the sun’s UV rays can cause permanent damage to their delicate infrastructure, but by employing digital technology, newer products can be used both during the day and night without fear of damage.

For users who enjoy sharing their favorite sights with friends and family, our Digital Night Vision Binoculars/Monocular come equipped with the ability to record video and capture images in glorious full color. Many picture-perfect moments are fleeting, and can be lost forever in the blink of an eye. Never again will you have to miss out on sharing beautiful imagery because of fumbling with a separate device. With the push of a button, your favorite pictures and sounds will be recorded to an onboard standard SD card for later viewing, and nearly all models provide outputs for streaming directly to a TV or computer monitor.

While still a relatively new technology, Digital Night Vision Goggles provide an unparalleled viewing experience that out performs previous generations, but for roughly the same price. Models are available by many of the industry’s top manufacturers, including Bushnell and WolfCub.

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Showing all 5 results