Anti Corrosive Zinc Tapes

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673521 – 25mm x 20mtr
673522 – 50mm x 20mtr
673523 – 100mm x 20mtr

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Anti-corrosive Zinc Tapes are highly useful to protect metal elements made of steel, iron and light alloys. It is extremely easy to apply and the tape is a base film of molten galvanized zinc, special adhesive layer and release liner. The adhesive coat, which is applied only on one side of the zinc tape, consists of a matrix of adhesive and a percentage of zinc. All you have to do is press it on the surface that should be protected from corrosion. This technique is usually known as “coating with a zinc layer”.

  • The adhesive layer is formulated using a special composition of the glue and the zinc powder to impart electro-conductive properties so the zinc and protected metal have a permanent electrical bond. The zinc basically acts as a galvanic anode to ensure the electric coupling is super strong.
  • Elements like water, gas etc. can’t permeate through the zinc coated layer, which also prevents UV rays from aging it prematurely, thereby acting as a deterrent to corrosion in the inner layer.
  • Efficiently protects the connections of the light alloys and steel materials, a common problem in the automotive and train industry.
  • The zinc layer of this tape is thick and uniform, so it lasts longer than a molten galvanized coating.
  • Anti-corrosive Zinc Tapes have several applications in production facilities like refineries and petrochemical plants where the chances of corrosion are always high.
  • It can be used as alternatives when conventional methods like anticorrosive painting fail due sandblasting preventing it.

The anti-corrosive zinc tapes can be used in bridges, light posts, pipelines, masonry supports, marine structures, hinges, and bolted connections, and so on.

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