Anti Slip Tapes

Grip-On Anti-Slip Tapes are commonly installed on slippery surface like floor or stairs to prevent accidental slips and trips.

Installation of the Grip-On Anti-Slip Tapes is as easy as simply peeling off the release paper behind the tape and pasting the tape onto the surface that requires additional friction.

Other commonly known names:
– Slip Resistant Tapes
– Safety Walk Tapes

Product Specifications:

Back carrier PVC 0.1mm +/-0.01mm
Overall thickness 0.8mm +/-0.2mm (#60 grit)
Mineral particles Aluminium Oxide
Grade Medium #60 grit
Holding medium Solvent acrylic adhesive
Adhesion to steel 1500g/25mm
Holding power 8 hours/20mm2/kg
Tensile strength 6kgs/25mm
Elongation at break 25%
Static anti-slip coefficient of friction >0.5
Application temperature -5℃ ~ 50℃
Resistance to water Excellent
Resistance to grease Excellent
Staining of adhesive No evidence of migration

Product available in :

  • 5cm x 18m
  • 10cm x 18m
  • 15cm x 18m


Black, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow, Yellow-Black, Night Glow

*Do let us know if you require the Anti Slip Tape with any other specifications that is not listed above.

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Stock availability and delivery
Ex stock and delivery can be made within 48 working hours upon confirmation of order (do check with us to confirm).

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Anti Slip Tapes are great additions to any workplace or area that needs protection against slips and skids. Anti slip tape significantly reduces the risk of accidents on slippery, uneven or split level floor surfaces by providing a sound grip. You can use it in high traffic areas, stairs and slippery corridors to ensure proper grip and eliminate accident risks.

Various grades of anti slip tapes reflect how coarse the tape is. Most of the industries are able to manage comfortably with the standard grade anti slip tape. This type of coarseness is used on skateboards and can be used effectively on stairs, corridors, walkways and even outdoor applications to certain extent. Once applied, it provides a durable non-slip surface.

The tape combines the effect of high quality abrasives and tough adhesives to provide a durable and excellent slip resistant surface viable for usage during long periods. These tapes can be applied quickly and are easy to maintain.

Currently available in 7 different color options: Black, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow,  Yellow-Black,  & Night Glow. You can choose the one that effectively blends with your requirements or let us know if you have any specific color or size requirements.

Product Features

  • Anti-Slip
  • Easy to apply and maintain.
  • Self Adhesive
  • Effectively provides anti-slip surface on stairs, corridors and walkways and even outdoors.
  • Durable for long term usage.

Anti slip tapes are often used by business owners and industries to reduce the risk of slips and injury at the workplace. The standard grade anti slip tape is ideal for high traffic areas and walkways, whereas the coarse grade anti slip tapes offer improved traction and are grease resistant, so they are mostly used at workshops and industries where oil and grease often spill on to the floor. The extra coarse grade anti slip tape provides protection at places that are exposed to extreme climatic conditions; these are viable for outdoor stairs and areas with highlighted risk.

After installing the safety walk tape on the floor, will I still be able to remove it?Back to product
asked by Unitech Supplies on 2017-01-24 15:07:08
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  1. Yes, it is removable - you can simply peel it off from the ground (a scraper will be handy if you are having difficulty in peeling it off)
    Unitech Supplies answered on 2017-01-24 15:09:56