Bushnell Equinox Z Night Vision Binocular

Bushnell Equinox Z Night Vision Binocular Specifications:

Model Number: 260500 260501
Magnification (with digital zoom): 2x ~ 6x 4x ~ 12x
Objective Size: 40mm 50mm
Battery Type: 4x AA (lithium, alkaline or NiMh) 4x AA (lithium, alkaline or NiMh)
Viewing Range: 500ft / 152m 750ft / 229m
Field of View: 15° (26mtr @ 100mtr) 7° (12mtr @ 100mtr)
Operating Temperature Range: +14°F~+113°F / -10°C~+45°C +14°F~+113°F / -10°C~+45°C
Dimensions (H x W x L): 71 x 156 x 175mm 71 x 164 x 180mm
Weight: 621g 724g
Water Resistance Standard: IPX4 IPX4
Video Out: NTSC or PAL, 640 x 480 pixel per frame resolution NTSC or PAL, 640 x 480 pixel per frame resolution


Stock availability & Delivery:
Discontinued by Bushnell.  – We recommend the NV400-B Digital Night Vision Binocular in place. 

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Bushnell Equinox Series Digital Night Vision Binocular (Gen 2 equivalent)


  • Generation 2 equivalent night vision binocular
  • High quality optics clarity
  • Digital sensor
  • Powerful infrared illumination
  • Rugged housing (up to IPX4 water resistant)
  • Image capturing
  • Video recording
  • Video out capability
  • Daytime color to provide both day and night time viewing
  • 2x magnification (for model 260500) & 4x magnification (for 260501) with 1x~3x digital zoom
  • Tripod mountable
  • Operates with 4 x AA batteries

When you need a high quality and trusted brand for binoculars, there isn’t a better name than Bushnell that you can trust. Bushnell happens to be one of the leading brands in the industry when it comes to top of the line view finders, scopes and binoculars. As a brand that is recognized and trusted around the world by users from varying fields.; be they huntsmen, mariner, military men, recreational users or adventure users, Bushnell products fit the mold for everyone.

Coming to the Bushnell Equinox Series Digital Night Vision Binocular, this is one of the finest products to come out of the Bushnell. This particular serie of binocular offers high quality optical clarity, has the ultimate illumination required for night time watch-keeping and also offers an unmatched field of view. Studded with high end features like high quality  image capture, video recording and output, super charged night vision technology, zoom, water resistant tough housing, a longer battery life, tripod mounting abilities and glass objectives, there isn’t a better deal than the Bushnell Equinox Series Digital Night Vision Binocular that you could find anywhere in the market.

So whenever you need binoculars that can let you see your prey, help you find your way and keep watch during the darkest of night and in the most rugged of terrains, you can completely rely on the Bushnell Equinox Series Digital Night Vision Binocular because it provides unmatched night time vision. There isn’t any other binocular available in the market that can match up to the performance of this particular binocular.

With its image and video recording feature, you just need to insert a SD card to start taking pictures and recording videos from the binocular. As most cameras doesn’t work well in dark environment, this makes the Bushnell Equinox Series Digital Night Vision Binocular an especially valuable assets for users who need to take pictures or videos in environment.

This particular product by Bushnell has been designed with ease of usage in mind. It has a rugged housing that’s highly water resistant so that you can use the binoculars in extreme weather conditions as well. The Bushnell 260501 Equinox Series Digital Night Vision Binocular has been built with a durability that is going to last for years to come.

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Is the binocular waterproof?Back to product
asked by Unitech Supplies on 2017-02-16 13:13:10
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  1. The Equinox Z series night vision binoculars have a water resistance rating of IPX4 which means you can safely splash water at it from any direction but DO NOT soak it in water
    Unitech Supplies answered on 2017-02-16 13:14:03