Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape

This double sided acrylic foam tape is the ideal choice when you need a strong and permanent adhesive solution. With its 1 mm thick conformable foam, it can be used even on rough surfaces which normal tapes doesn’t bond well onto and hence a popular choice for replacing rivet, liquid adhesives and many other types of permanent fasteners.

Comes in clear colour which makes it presentable even when used on see-through surfaces like glass/windows.

Product Specifications:

Standard Size 12mm(W) x 10mtr(L)
Colour Clear type
Backing Acrylic Foam
Adhesive Acrylic

Table Unit Values Reference
Thickness mm 1 Table
Tensile Strength kg/cm3 9.5 PSTC
Elongation % 950 PSTC
180° Peel g/25mm 3000 PSTC
180° Holding Power at 80°C hrs/25mm*25mm, 1000g above 24 PSTC
DHP 42 Holding Power at 25°C mins/25mm*25mm 150mm, 500g above 120 DHP-TM-42
DHP 42 Holding Power at 80°C mins/25mm*25mm 100mm, 500g above 45 DHP-TM-42



Product Features:

  • Strong Holding Power
  • Heat Resistance
  • Sealing Properties
  • Cushioning Properties

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