Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape

This double sided acrylic foam tape is the ideal choice when you need a strong and permanent adhesive solution. With its 1 mm thick conformable foam, it can be used even on rough surfaces which normal tapes doesn’t bond well onto and hence a popular choice for replacing rivet, liquid adhesives and many other types of permanent fasteners.

Comes in clear colour which makes it presentable even when used on see-through surfaces like glass/windows.

Key Product Features:

  • Strong holding power
  • Heat resistance
  • Sealing properties
  • Cushioning properties
  • Can be used for uneven surfaces

Product Specifications:

Standard Size 12mm(W) x 10mtr(L)
Colour Clear type
Backing Acrylic Foam
Adhesive Acrylic

Table Unit Values Reference
Thickness mm 1 Table
Tensile Strength kg/cm3 9.5 PSTC
Elongation % 950 PSTC
180° Peel g/25mm 3000 PSTC
180° Holding Power at 80°C hrs/25mm*25mm, 1000g above 24 PSTC
DHP 42 Holding Power at 25°C mins/25mm*25mm 150mm, 500g above 120 DHP-TM-42
DHP 42 Holding Power at 80°C mins/25mm*25mm 100mm, 500g above 45 DHP-TM-42

Stock availability
Ex-stock; subject to sales. 

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If you need a strong and permanent adhesive solution to use on rough surfaces or in liquid solutions, then our clear double-sided acrylic foam tape is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Our double-sided acrylic foam tape is a fast and easy-to-use semi-permanent bonding method that’s able to provide incredibly strong and long-lasting adhesiveness, for a variety of surfaces. It is especially durable thanks to having a tensile strength of 9.5kg/cm3. While our doubled sided acrylic foam tape is incredibly strong and durable, it’s also easier to remove compared to other adhesive types such as glue and compounding solutions.

With our tapes double-sided adhesiveness, it is an outstanding bonding method that has superior shock absorptions, vibration dampening, and is a great compensation for bonding uneven surfaces. Double-sided tape is also an ideal mounting solution for replacing mechanical fasteners. Both sides of our tape even keep their adhesive strength after being repositioned. These features make it a perfect bonding solution compared to more destructive methods such as drilling, screwing, grinding, and wielding.

Our acrylic foam tape is completely clear and is only 1mm thick, making it so when our tape is applied to most surfaces it is nearly invisible. Also, unlike other types of tape, it is made to easily adhere to a variety of surfaces and substrates including aluminum, galvanized-steel, stainless-steel, concrete, painted or sealed wood, glass, and more. It can even keep its adhesive strength when submerged in water and liquids.

All of these applications and benefits make our tape the perfect bonding method to use in a variety of jobs and applications such electrical engineering, construction, sign and display creation, glassworks, textiles, and others.  Our tape is also perfect for using to mount objects on walls as acrylic foam tape will not remove or chip-off surface paint finishing or leave behind any stick residue.

Thanks to our tape coming in large single rolls, you’ll be able to easily measure out exactly how much you’ll need for every application and cut off your desired length so that no tape goes to waste. So, if you’re looking for a powerful, quick, and easily applicable adhesive solution for almost any surface type, then our double-sided acrylic foam tape is the ideal choice for providing you with a strong and long-lasting bond, every time.

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