Hazard Reflective Tapes

Hazard reflective tape is a cost effective mean for improving the visibility of areas or objects in the dark by simply reflecting light. It is commonly installed on walls and pillars in carparks areas and on vehicles so that these objects will become more conspicuous to other drivers and thus help to prevent accidents.

Also known as

  • Hazard warning reflective tape
  • Warning reflective tape


  • Enhance safety by reflecting light, making the object (walls, pillars, vehicles etc) that it is being installed onto, become more conspicuous (especially when in the dark)
  • Easy to install – simply cut to size, peel off release liner and paste onto surface
  • Comes with strong adhesive backing that adhere to most surfaces such as metal, concrete, plastic, wood etc
  • Weather and water resistance
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Long lasting – once installed, it can usually last for years

Product available in :

Product Code Size (width x length) Colour
331191 45mm x 10mtr Yellow-Black
331192 90mm x 10mtr Yellow-Black
331193 150mm x 10mtr Yellow-Black
331194 970mm x 10mtr Yellow-Black
331195 50mm x 33mtr Yellow-Black
N.A 50mm x 10mtr Red-White / Blue-White

*Do let us know if you require our Hazard Reflective Tape with any other specifications that is not listed above.

Stock availability and delivery
Ex stock and delivery can be made within 48 working hours upon confirmation of order (do check with us to confirm).

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Hazard Reflective Tape is a cost effective application for areas that require a visual warning present where a high degree of reflectivity is needed. It is a permanent self-adhesive applied to a durable base ensures an efficient application in many environments.

  • The tapes are ideal for daytime, low light and night time visibility – reflective properties guarantee that the light sources bounces back to identify hazards.
  • The tape has an aggressive adhesive that will adhere conveniently due to the removable release liner to almost any clean, dry, smooth surface.
  • After application, the reflective tape is designed not to peel away. Even if it is peeled back, bumped or scratched, any loose areas will simply separate, minimizing any further visual damage from loose hanging pieces.
  • Mark specific areas and promote safety by identifying potential hazard areas – helps to reduce accidents, injuries, and damage to tools, machinery, equipment, racking, poles, dock doors, barricades, fences, etc.
  • Tapes can be used for color-coding and identifying aisles, walkways, indoor traffic lines, danger zones, boundaries, doorways and any other general purpose marking in the case of vehicles, gates/fences, bollards, barriers,  trailers, caravans, wing mirror extensions, HGV’s and so on.
  • Designed predominately for outdoor use, reflective hazard tape is extremely durable, resisting the harshest weather conditions – it can be efficiently utilized during both winter and summer.
  • It is equipped with UV stable characteristics – there is no fading or discoloration due to exposure to UV rays.
  • Colors are sealed beneath an abrasion resistant protective over laminate – this is done to increase longevity and to ensure the printed stripe will not wear off.

To put it in a nutshell, these reflective warning tapes are ideal for marking hazards throughout areas and facilities. If you requires customized lengths cut to specific sizes, kindly mention at the time of ordering.

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