NV-FHD300 Digital Night Vision Binocular

Regardless of whether you are out in the sea, in the jungle  or even in an urban environment, NV-FHD300 is your trusty companion when the lights are out and you need to be able to see in the dark. With a resolution (FHD 1920×1080) that can even best the top range Gen 2 type night vision binoculars, you know that whatever you see via the NV-FHD300 will be crystal clear and top that with an IR range of up to 700 metres (when used with powerbank), you know that no object is too far to be seen, even in pitch dark environment.

Making the binocular even more powerful is the magnification. The optical magnification level of the NV-FHD300 is 3.6x, however, with additional digital zoomability of up to another 3x, you can easily magnify the size of objects that you are viewing by up to 10.8x – this will allow you to capture every details and yes, you can also even take photos and videos with the binocular too.

More amazingly, being a digital type night vision binocular, the NV-FHD300 can be used both in the day and at night without worrying that accidental exposure to light will damage the binocular (most traditional type night vision binoculars will be damaged and rendered useless if exposed to light for more than a few minutes).


  • Can be used during daytime too (unlike traditional type night vision optics, it will not be damaged due to exposure to light)
  • Allows you to take photos and record videos
  • FHD (1920×1080) resolution for photo and video recording
  • Can view up to 700 metres in total darkness when used with power bank
  • Magnification can be zoomed from 3.6x up to 10.8x

Product Specifications:

Model NV-FHD300
Type Digital Night Vision Binocular
Optical Performance Magnification 3.6x (can be zoomed up to 10.8x when using digital zoom)
Digital Zoom Up to 3x
Angle of View 9.2°
Objective Aperture 31mm
Exit Pupil Distance 30mm
F# for Objective Lens 1.3
View in Total Darkness Up to 300mtr (when used with batteries)
Up to 700mtr (when used with powerbank)
Eyepiece magnification/td> 2x
Imager High Sensitivity Sensor CMOS
Size 1/2.7
Resolution 1920×1080
Displayer Resolution of Screen 640×360 TFT LCD
Lighting System Luminance 5W Infrared LED
IR Wavelength 850nm
IR Level 5 Levels (when used with Batteries)
Up to 7 Levels (when used with Power Bank)
Zoom 2x
Operation Preview
Take Photos in JPEG Format
Record Videos in MP4 Format
Playback Media File Stored in TF Storage
Power Working Voltage 8-12V
Power Supply 8x AA Batteries or Power Bank
Battery Life Up to 10 hours working time (with IR off)
Low Battery Warning Yes
Signal Processing Output USB
AV Supporting NTSC/PAL
Storage TF Card (Up to 32GB)
Certification CE
Size Dimensions 170mmx150mmx60mm
Weight 700gram
Accessories USB cable + AV cable + TF card + Power bank holder + Bag/Manual

Stock availability and delivery details:
Ex-stock; subject to sales. Delivery can be made within 48 working hours upon confirmation of order (do check with us to confirm).

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