Pneumatic Pressure Handpump / Calibrator – HP-40 / HP-60

2 models of Pressure Calibrator available:

  • HP-40 (-0.95 to 40 Bar)
  • HP-60 (-0.95 to 60 Bar)

Technical Specifications

Range Model HP-40: -0.95 to 40 Bar
Model HP-60: -0.95 to 60 Bar
Pressure Medium Air
End Connection 1/4″ BSPF (Reference & Test)
Weight 700 grams
Dimensions Approx. 235mm x 140mm x 65mm
Standard Package – Handpump
– Set of Seals
– Quick Coupler
– Set of Adaptors
– Nylon Seals
– User’s Manual
– Test Certificate
– Carrying Case

Stock availability and delivery
Ex-stock; subject to sales

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Lightweight and budget friendly, the HP-40 & HP-60 Pneumatic Pressure Handpump/ Calibrator is commonly used to determine the accuracy of pressure measuring devices like manometers, gauges, indicators, controllers, transducers, transmitters, recorders, and data loggers.

These units are available in two different models, both of which can produce pressure as well as offer vacuum functionality. Options include

  • Model HP-40: capable of measuring -0.95 to 40 Bar pressure
  • Model HP-60: capable of measuring -0.95 to 60 Bar pressure

Setup and installation is quick and easy, with simple connection between the reference source and the handpump by way of the included adaptors. Once everything is in place, even minute alterations can be made via the fine adjustment setting option. Exclusively for testing of air/pneumatic devices, the handpump pairs with an external pressure gauge or other hand-held instrument. Checking the indicated reference value against the measured results of the device in question will determine the accuracy of the tested device.

The pump is operated by squeezing the simple scissor action handle, and with a weight of only 700 grams, this is the ideal calibrator for quick in-field testing. With the included adaptors, seals, and couplings, universal connectivity with most any device is possible.

When not in use, simply store all components away in the included carrying case.


To be used along with digital standard or master, vacuum or pressure, gauges or indicator for checking & calibration of air operated sensors, manometers, gauges, indicators, controllers, transducers, transmitters, recorders & data loggers.


  • Compact, lightweight & hand operated
  • Vernier with fine adjustment enables precise setting
  • Recommended strictly for air/pneumatic applications only
  • Generates pressure as well as vacuum (user selectable)
  • through hand operated scissor action pump


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