RD Temperature Calibrator – 650 TS

Technical Specification for Temperature Calibrator 650TS

Model 650TS
Range 30°C to 650°C
Accuracy ±1.0°C
Bath Stability ±0.1°C
Stabilisation Time 12 Min
Heating Time Amb. to 650°C in 12 Min
Cooling Time 650°C to 100°C in 28 Min
Resolution 0.1°C
Units °C / °F Switchable
Display LED Green & Orange
Power Supply
(Dual Voltage)
230V AC ±2.5% / 50 Hz, 1.6KW or
115V AC ±2.5% / 60 Hz, 1.2 KW
Radial Uniformity @50°C ±0.05°C
@650°C ±0.1°C
Immersion Diameter 25.4mm
Immersion Depth 120mm
Dimensions with Bush 120mm (W) x 200mm (D) x 225mm (H)
Weight (Approx.) 5.8KG
Switch Test Provided
Standard Delivery – 650TS x 1 set
– Power Cable x 1 unit
– Carrying Bag x 1 unit
– Test Lead (2 wire) x 1 unit
– Insertion Tube: Dual Hole – 1 x 1/4″ + 1 x 12.5mm,
Dual Hole – 1 x 1/4″ + 1 x 8.2mm
– Insertion Tool x 1 unit
– Spare Fuses: 8A, 15A x 2 units each
– User Manual x 1 Copy
– Calibration Cert x 1 Copy

Certificate / Approval:


Stock availability and delivery
Ex stock and delivery can be made within 48 working hours upon confirmation of order (do check with us to confirm).

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Temperature calibration is an important step in many industries, including industrial and commercial settings. Inaccurate temperature measurement can prove to be costly to both the affected equipment and the resultant product, and preventative measures should be implemented to ensure that everything is operating within standard protocol.

The RD Temperature Calibrator – 650 TS is a portable, dry block temperature calibrator perfect for in-field use, and is a budget friendly option for anyone tasked with ensuring correct temperatures. Fast and time saving, you can count on reliable true testing and calibration of temperature sensors such as thermocouples, RTD, temperature gauges, switches, transmitters, and most other commonly used temperature sensing instruments and devices.

The included adapter sleeve makes this a universally versatile calibrator that allows for testing of virtually any temperature sensing devices. Installation is quick and simple, with all couplings and connectors included, and everything can be stored away in the protective carrying bag when not it use.

The RD Temperature Calibrator – 650 TS is the lightweight solution for on the fly testing. Accurate to ±1.0°C and covering the entire temperature range, results are easy to ready via a bright and bold green and orange LED display. At the conclusion of testing, the unit cools down in less than 30 minutes.


Fast and time saving, reliable true testing and calibration of temperature sensors such as thermocouple, RTD, temperature gauges, switches, transmitters including other most commonly used temperature sensing instruments and devices.


  • Dry Block
  • Better Accuracy
  • Good Stability
  • Best Performance
  • Fast Heating & Cooling
  • Controlled through PID Controller


  • Compact sized design at 12cm (W) x 20cm (D) x 22.5cm (H)
  • Lightweight at only 5.8Kg
  • Easy to carry to the field for on-site calibration
  • Very useful tool designed to carry out temperature calibration, especially for all the thermal calibration laboratory

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