Rechargeable Handheld Metal Detector – AS954

AS954 is an advanced high sensitivity handheld type metal detector that can even detect metal object that is merely 2x10mm in size, making it one of the most accurate and efficient model in the industry.

It comes with a 9V rechargeable battery that you can easily recharged by connecting power source through the charger (provided too) to the metal detector, keeping it fully charged and ready to be used at all times

Ideal for security screening, airport security, school safety check etc.


  • High sensitivity – one of the most reliable model in the market, being able to detect metal object as small as 2x10mm in size
  • Comes with 9V rechargeable battery that can be directly recharged by connecting charging cable to the metal detector (with the battery inside).
  • Includes an earphone that can be used with the metal detector when in noisy environment


Model AS954
Detectable Indication Audio/Vibration
Detection Distance 2.5inch / 50mm
Detectable Sizes >2x10mm
Detectable Frequency 13KHz
LED Alarm Indication
Low Battery Indication
Sound Alarm Indication >75dB
Power supply 9V Battery
Working Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Standard Accessories – Instruction Manual
– 9V Rechargeable Battery
– Charger w/Cable
– Earphone


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