Safety Reflective Tapes

Product available in :

Colours: Silver-White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green

Size: 50mm x 45mtr

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The safety of individuals in and around potentially hazardous environments is something that should never be taken lightly, and safety reflective tapes are an important first step in protecting the health and well-being of employees and civilians.

We offer an assortment of reflective tapes designed to denote areas and items that individuals should pay close attention to. All tapes are constructed from ultra-durable materials and feature a strong adhesive that binds to almost any surface, and come with a brilliant reflective coating that casts off light that immediately calls attention to their presence. They function exceptionally well in outdoor situations and maintain their adherence even in periods of rain, snow, or excessive heat. Examples of settings that commonly use reflective tapes would be warehouses, work sites, road construction crews, and areas that contain heavy machinery. Reflective tapes are also an excellent, low-cost solution to establish perimeters at events such as outdoor concerts.

The use of reflective tapes also extends outside of industrial and commercial settings, as they serve an important step in protecting those who participate in nighttime recreational activities. Cyclists, runners, and pedestrians would benefit from the reflective nature of the tapes by outfitting their clothing with it to warn motorists of their location.

Tapes are available in a wide array of colors, perfectly suited to whatever your specific needs may be.

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