Safety and Security Window Films

Glass (even tempered glass) breaks and when that happens you’ll be glad to know that the anti-shatter film installed on the glass will hold on to the broken glass pieces thus preventing the glass from shattering and flying around. This greatly enhance protection against injury from the shattered glasses and also deter burglar from trying trying to break-in through the broken glass.

Fortifies your glass today with our anti-shatter film.

Commonly used on: Windows, Glass Doors, Bathroom shower screen

Other names:
– Anti-Shatter (Blast Mitigation) Films
– Safety Window Films

Material Type: High Clear PET

Visible Light Transmission: 70%-80%

Sizes & Thickness Available:

Model Number Thickness Size (W x L)
USSWF415 4mil (102 micron) 152cm x 15mtr
USSWF615 6mil (153 micron) 152cm x 15mtr
USSWF815 8mil (200 micron) 152cm x 15mtr
USSWF1215 12mil (305 micron) 152cm x 15mtr
USSWF430 4mil (102 micron) 152cm x 30mtr
USSWF630 6mil (153 micron) 152cm x 30mtr
USSWF830 8mil (200 micron) 152cm x 30mtr
USSWF1230 12mil (305 micron) 152cm x 30mtr

Stock availability & Delivery:
Ex-stock – subject to sales.

*Please kindly note that we only supply the film without installation service. For installation, will recommend to either DIY or engage a contractor to install.

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While we may not be able to predict when disaster may strike, we can take steps to ensure the safety of our loved ones and possessions. Safety Window Films, also commonly referred to as anti-shatter films, adhere to windows and other glass surfaces to reduce and eliminate flying shards of glass should a catastrophe occur. Each film is crystal clear in appearance and allows 70%-80% of visible light transmission, and available in a wide array of thicknesses. The film can be trimmed to fit whatever surface you need to apply it on, and can easily be applied and removed.

Used by many of the most prestigious landmarks, businesses, and universities around the world, anti-shatter film offers additional security solutions aside from protection from forceful explosions or high-wind damage. Retail stores rely upon the film to deter theft, as it makes it more difficult for thieves to smash windows and steal valuable merchandise. For instances of graffiti, the film acts as a barrier that, should it be vandalized, can easily be peeled away from the surface, taking any signs of defacement along with it. A cost-effective and immediate solution that provides an extra-layer of security and safety for all of the things that matter the most to you.

How to Install our Anti Shatter Film

  1. Cut the anti-shatter film to the size of your glass (can use either a pair of scissor or pen knife to cut)
  2. Clean your glass to make sure that it is free from dirt
  3. Peel off the backing of the anti-shatter film
  4. Apply soap water (just mix any type of soap with some water) onto the adhesive side of the anti-shatter film
  5. Stick the adhesive side of the anti-shatter film onto the piece of glass
  6. Using a card or a squeegee (we find that squeegee is easier to use in this case), squeeze out the water between the safety film and the glass
  7. Done, your glass is now shatterproof!

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