Sew On Velcro Hook and Loop Tapes

The ultimate fastener for your fabrics – be it clothing, window curtains or canvas.  Grip-On sew-on type velcro hook and loop tapes comes in a roll of Hook tape (rough and scratchy side) and a roll of Loop tape (soft side) which can be either hand-sew, machine-sew or even simply stapled onto your fabrics.

With the hook and loop tape sewed onto your fabric, you just need to attach the hook side to the loop side to create a bonding that allows you to secure the 2 pieces of fabrics together strongly. Whenever you need to separate the 2 pieces of fabrics, you can simply pull the loop side away from the hook side (or the other way round). With this, whenever you need to, you can conveniently and easily attach or separate the 2 pieces of fabrics.

Being made from 100% nylon material, the sew-on hook and loop tapes are extremely durable with high peel and sheer strength and is designed to last for at least 5,000 times of closures.

*Do note that Grip-On sew on type velcro hook and loop tapes does not come with adhesive backing as it is designed for sewing onto fabric. Please click on the following link if you require a velcro hook and loop tape with adhesive backing instead.

Other common name:

  • Hook and Loop Fastener
  • Velcro Tape (although much unknown to most people, Velcro is actually a brand owned by Velcro Companies)


  • Allows you to quickly and easily fasten and separate 2 pieces of fabrics
  • 100% nylon material
  • Strong adhesion between the hook and loop when attached together
  • Durable with high peel & sheer strength (last up to at least 5,000 closures)
  • Washable, dry-cleanable
  • Available in various width
  • Can be cut to any length
  • Available in black or white colour

Common uses:

  • Used on clothings, shoes, bags etc
  • Sew onto curtains, drapery liners and canvas material
  • Used as replacement for buttons and zippers etc

Available in:

  • Colour: Black/  White
  • Width: 25mm / 50mm
  • Length: 25mtr (standard) / Multiples of 1mtr
  • Side: Both hook and loop tape or just only the Hook or only the Loop tape

*Standard set is 1 roll of Hook tape in 25mtr length and 1 roll of Loop tape in 25mtr length but you can also purchase in any of the above variations (do let us know which variation you prefer)

Stock availability and delivery details:
Ex-stock; subject to sales. Delivery can be made within 48 working hours upon confirmation of order (do check with us to confirm).

For more information on our Sew On Type Velcro Hook and Loop Tape, or to request for a quotation, you can click on the “Request for Quotation” button below or simply give us a call at 6848 4867.


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