Single Event Too Hot Temperature Indicating Label


Size 0.94″ / 24mm
Type Circular, Self Adhesive
Pack Size Sold in units of 10

*Need to monitor a specific temperature range? No problem, let us know and we can customize the Single Event Too Hot Temperature Indicating Label to have it change colour at your specific temperature range instead (as long as it is within 0℃ to 100℃.)

Stock Availability:
Indent basis

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Dangerous burns are a very real hazard in industrial settings. Select appliances and pieces of machinery are capable of producing excessive amounts of heat, especially those with gears or rotating parts. Employees and other individuals who work around these devices require a warning tool that can alert them if the machinery is too hot to handle.

A Single Event Too Hot Temperature Indicating Label is an effective and reliable way to determine if a piece of equipment has reached a temperature that has become too dangerous to touch. Simply affix a label to any piece of equipment that has the potential to generate excessive amounts of heat. When the equipment is at a temperature that is safe to come into contact with, the label display remains black with a number corresponding to the actual temperature. Once the temperature has risen to a degree of being excessively hot, the label will change and become completely red, signifying that contact should be avoided.

Please note that these labels are non-reversible, and will not revert back to the solid black design, even once the device has cooled off. The adhesive on the label is strong enough to ensure it will stay on most clean, flat surfaces, but can also be easily removed by hand. The simple visual design makes it easy for anyone to know within a moment whether or not safe handling of the machine can be performed, and the straightforward display conveys a sense of urgency, especially in situations where employees may be surrounded by multiple distractions.

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