T-ISS Spray Control Safety Tapes

Product available in 3 standard sizes:

  • 100mm x 10 mtr
  • 150mm x 10 mtr
  • 300mm x 10 mtr

*Special sizes available upon request

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T-ISS Spray Control Safety Tapes

Designed and manufactured by T-ISS these spray control tapes work for flange safety and protection of other areas against dangerous leakage of hazardous high temperature materials. T-ISS, an ISO 9001 company has been at the forefront of safety tapes since 2003. The company is known for manufacturing some of the world’s finest Marine-tapes and various other types of safety tapes.

A handy safety measure

The spray control tape is ideal for onshore plants and works towards reducing the damage to the processing equipment and injuries to the operators and maintenance team. The leak containment brought about by use of these tapes also provides additional benefits such as reduced inspection costs, repair costs and relevant downtime.

Area of application

The spray control safety tape is made for use on flanges, expansion joints, valves and screw-pipe fittings in chemical plants, paper mills, petrochemical refineries, food processing plants, electronic plants, steel mills, pharmaceutical industries, power generation units, cosmetic and perfume plants, mining operations and on fuel supply lines on marine vessels.

An important risk management initiative

These spray control tapes upgrade the safety of your pipeline systems by controlling oil splashes and making the environment safer. You get protection against unwanted sprays and leaking seals. Other than reducing the injury risk to your staff members, it is also helpful in curtailing the insurance concerns of the staff onboard.

The best alternative to common spray shields

As compared to common spray shields, the spray control tape is more economical and handy. It always fits the equipment pipeline and doesn’t require any extra and costly customization such as special ordering and getting manufactured as per the demand of the situation; just wrap the spray control tape on your equipment and follow the installation guideline, that’s all.

T-ISS Spray Control Safety Tapes – A quality product

The spray control tape is made with three layers of reinforced vinyl. The material used in these tapes has UV stabilized color and is resistant to fumes, rain and sun. The tape material is highly resistant to most of the chemicals and to temperatures from minus 30oC to plus 75oC (approx.). The spray control tape is intended for use with a wide range of chemicals. However, you should check the catalogue whether it is suitable for usage on your equipment and piping systems on the basis of chemicals you are using in your industry.


Spray Control Tape is available in 3 standard sizes

  1. 100 mm x 10 m roll ( Package includes 3 rolls per box)
  2. 150 mm x 10 m roll ( Package includes 2 rolls per box)
  3. 300 mm x 10 m roll ( Package includes 1 rolls per box)

Note – Special sizes are also available on request.

Great Protection

  • Against outbreak of destructive liquids from flanges & joints
  • Against damage of pipeline and equipment
  • Adds to the safety of the maintenance staff and machine operators
  • Adds to the safety of the local environment and drains the splash-liquid in a controlled way
  • Works towards enhancing the profitability of the process-line by controlling liquid splashes; with spray control tapes you can decide when to go for repairs

Spray Control Tape is ideal for protecting staff from uncontrolled drips or sprays that might initiate at a leaking gasket.


  • Remains unaffected on constant exposure to wet conditions and chemical environments
  • Rated for temperature range of -25 to +70 degree Celsius for constant exposure
  • Resistant to weather conditions and UV
  • Non porous
  • Unified design
  • Curl over restrains side sprayout.
  • Intended for direct usage without any need for pre-sizing.
  • 3 standard sizes available; special size can be made available on request


Installation is easy, just wrap the spray control tape around the piping, flanges and valves or the area that require insulation with complete overlap wrapping around the connections and joints. It will provide protection against unwanted sprayout. The tape is required to be wrapped in wrinkles around the pipe so that the sprayout will leave the liquid in the wrinkled areas. Cut a small hole in the lower part of the tape so that the liquid can drop out. This way uncontrolled sprayout can be controlled by directing the spilled liquid to a particular area of choice.

Watch below video on how to install the T-ISS Spray Control Tapes correctly:

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