“TISS” Anti Splashing Tapes

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Spray Stop Tape

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871801 – 35MM X 10MTR
871802 – 50MM X 10MTR
871808 – 75MM X 10MTR
871804 – 100MM X 10MTR
871803 – 140MM X 10MTR
871807 – 250MM X 10MTR
871805 – 500MM X 10MTR
871806 – 1000MM X 10MTR

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“TISS” Anti splashing tapes are used to protect pipeline fittings and installations against any type of leakage. They have high quality multiple layers of laminated aluminum designed by top safety experts to prevent any outbreak of fire caused by splash of flammable liquids on hot surfaces. Anti splash tapes are also intended to be installed in such a way that it can direct any kind of probable leakage of the flammable liquid to an area where it is not so dangerous.

Generally these are used in pipeline fittings in a ship’s engine room. The international convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) has laid down certain recommendations that ships should apply certain safety measures to restrict the spillage of oil from FO, LO and other types of piping; therefore, various SOLAS approved Anti Splashing Tapes are available nowadays.

The oil and lubricating-oil pipelines connected to the engine or generator in a ship’s engine room carry a high degree of risk. Therefore, anti splashing tapes are used at such places to reduce the risk of oil leakage. The tape is improved with a fire retardant (self extinguishing) adhesive layer that is also water resistant. These tapes can withstand a temperature range of about 150oC. Many tapes use a silicone adhesive for easy installation.

Anti splash tapes provide safety and protection at areas that are hot and bear oil splashes often. These are great additions to the pipeline network of an engine room or pipes connected to generators.

Common Usage:
Anti splash tapes are used at pipelines, valves, near pressure gauges and many other supporting parts that may become loose due to vibration, excess tension, fatigue or deterioration and tend to get damaged with a crack or pinhole. Anti splash tapes protect the exhaust pipes and other high temperature areas from getting into contact with splashes of inflammable oils; thus, it reduces the possibility of fire.


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