Velcro Hook and Loop Tape with Adhesive Backing

Brand: Grip-On

Grip-On velcro hook and loop tape with adhesive backing is the optimal solution when you need to fasten 2 objects together quickly and at the same time, have the flexibility of separating and reattaching them together again in a snap.

The self-adhesive hook and loop tape comes with strong adhesive backing that allows you to paste the hook and loop tape onto any smooth surface such as glass, plastic, metal and tiles etc. Made of 100% nylon material, the hook and loop tape is very durable and has very strong holding power when the hook tape and loop tape are attached together.

Grip-On velcro hook and loop tape is ideal for keeping your place organised and also for hanging stuffs like photo frames and remote controls etc.

*If you need to use the hook and loop tape on fabric surfaces, will recommend to opt for the sew on type velcro hook and loop tapes instead.

Other common name:

  • Velcro Tape
  • Hook and Loop fastener


  • Made from 100% nylon material
  • Strong adhesive backing that allows you to paste the hook and loop tape on any smooth surface
  • Can be easily cut into any length you need with a pair of scissor
  • Durable – the hook and loop can withstand up to 5,000 closure
  • Easy to install – simply cut the tape into the desired length ->  peel off the release liner -> paste the adhesive backing side onto clean and dry surface
  • Versatile – can be used at home, in school, in office any many more..

Common use:

  • Hanging photo frames
  • Craft projects
  • Hanging decorations
  • Alternative for nail, tack, staple and glue

Sizes available in :

  • 150702 – 25mm x 1.5mtr
  • 150703 – 25mm x 3mtr
  • 150704 – 25mm x 25mtr
  • 150705 – 50mm x 25mtr
  • 150706 – 100mm x 25mtr

*Each standard set comes in 1 roll of hook tape (with adhesive backing) in 25mtr length and 1 roll of loop tape (with adhesive backing) in 25mtr. However various length and thickness are also available as above and you can even opt to purchase only one side (either the hook or the loop) of the tape.

Stock availability and delivery details:
Ex-stock; subject to sales. Delivery can be made within 48 working hours upon confirmation of order (do check with us to confirm).

For more information on our Velcro Hook and Loop Tape, or to request for a quotation, you can click on the “Request for Quotation” button below or simply give us a call at 6848 4867.

Product Specifications (for the Hook and Loop):

Material 100% Polyamid (Nylon)
Weight Hook (25mm width): 8.2gram/metre
Loop (25mm width): 8.6gram/metre
Thickness 2.6 ~ 3.5mm under fastening pressure of 20N/cm2
Temperature Resistance Hook: -30℃ ~ 230℃
Loop: -30℃ ~ 180℃
*Temperature resistance against Ironing can withstand up to 135℃
Shear Strength (Length) Initial: 11.0N/cm2 (16.0 PSI)
After 5,000 cycles: 9N/cm2 (13.0 PSI)
Shear Strength (Width) Initial: 8.0N/cm2 (12.0 PSI)
After 5,000 cycles: 6N/cm2 (9.0 PSI)
Tension Initial: 5.5N/cm2 (8.0 PSI)
After 5,000 cycles: 4.5N/cm2 (6.5 PSI)
Peeling Strength Initial: 3.0N/cm2 (1.7PIW)
After 5,000 cycles: 2.5N/cm2 (1.4PIW)
Dimensional Stability to washing -1.0%
Hook Number 48EA/cm2
Hook Filament Diameter 0.21mm




Grip-On hook and loop is a professional grade fastener which provides you with a versatile solution for fastening and organizing items and objects that you use for everyday application.

Regardless of whether you are using it to hang a poster onto the wall, attaching curtains to the window, or even just holding your rug into place, you can count on the superior holding strength of Grip-On Hook and Loop tape to get the job done, reliably.

By choosing Grip-On Velcro Hook and Loop Tapes, you can save the hassles from having to drill, nail or hammer in order to fasten objects to the wall or any surface.

Currently Grip-On hook and loop tapes are available in the following types:

  1. Adhesive type that comes with adhesive backing on both the hook side and the loop side of the tape – perfect for quickly and easily sticking objects to surfaces such as glass, plastic, wood, and other flat, clean surfaces without any hassle
  2. Non-adhesive type (sew on type) hook and loop tape that comes without adhesive backing (also known as the sew-on type hook and loop fastener) – can be easily sewn-on or stapled onto objects that you wish to stick together, making it great to use on fabrics and polypropylene materials such as curtains or canvas

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes, as long as it is sewed on properly, the sew-on velcro tape should not have any problems being used in wet environment
  2. A The adhesive type will not work well with fabric. We will recommend getting the non-adhesive (sew-on) type instead.
  3. A The hook and loop tapes are sold in a set and hence we are unable to supply just one side of the tape.
  4. A We usually keep stock for black colour and white colour. If you requires some other colours, do let us know and we will check if the colour is available
  5. A Please let us know the width that you require and we will check for your on whether the particular width is available and whether there is any MOQ required.