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The 7 colour combinations of Barrier Tapes that you need to know.

In Unitech Supplies, we supplies both barrier tapes with wordings and barrier tapes with different colours. The barricade tapes with wordings easy to understand as the instruction such as “DANGER DO NOT ENTER” are clearly indicated on the tapes.

However, for barricade tapes that are in different colours combinations (without the wordings), most folks are not aware of the different purposes/protocols behind the different colours.

Unknown to most people, there is actually a standard protocol for the usage of different colour combination for barricade tapes and the most widely followed protocol is the 7 colour combinations protocol is specified by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as follows:

  1. Red-white for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment
  2. Black-white for Housekeeping and Aisle Marking
  3. Magenta-yellow for Radiation Hazards
  4. Green-white for Safety and First Aid
  5. Blue-white for Defective Machinery
  6. Orange-white for Traffic and Caution Warning
  7. Black-yellow for Physical Hazards

For your easy reference, below is a diagram of the protocol:

OSHA Barricade Tapes Colour Combinations

*Additionally, apart from the standard OSHA 7 colour combinations protocol, here are some of the colour combinations that are also very commonly implemented.

  1. Law Enforcement Tape or Police Tape: Usually in yellow-white or blue-white combination, used by the police to block off a crime scene and to inform the public that the area is being blocked off for investigation.
  2. Traffic Control Tape: Usually in bright solid orange or orange-white combination, used for controlling of traffic (foot and or vehicle traffic).

Hopes that the above information will be useful to you in the event that you need to install barricade tapes in your workplace/home, otherwise at least the next time you see some barrier tapes being installed, you have a good idea of what does the colours mean.

And, if you should have any further queries regarding the barrier tapes that we supplies, please feel free to send us an email at

Of course, if you are thinking of installing some barricade tapes and would want everyone to immediately know that the area is out of bounds, you may also consider getting our barricade tapes with wordings instead.

Barricade tapes with wordings make it easy for passerby to be aware that the area is out-of-bound or that they have to be more careful