Alcoscan Products in Singapore

The Alcoscan line of breathalyzers provides an important measure of safety in instances where excessive alcohol consumption can have dangerous consequences. Produced by Sentech Korea Corp, a manufacturer recognized globally for creating some of the most reliable measuring devices on the market today and the approved supplier to organizations such as the Korean and Iranian Police Departments, the Colombian Military, and multiple other firms. All Alcoscan breathalyzers are built in South Korea and hold many of the most esteemed international certifications.

Alcoscan breathalyzers represent the latest in advances of blood-alcohol measuring technology. This includes implementing fuel cell technology and large, easy-to-read LED displays that convey BAC levels in a matter of moments. Most devices are small and capable of being handheld, are incredibly lightweight in order to prevent fatigue with repeated use, and typically operate with a single button press.

Simple PC connectivity (for selected models such as AL9000) allows for easy data transfer of results and data tracking over time, and by connecting to an external printer, you can effortlessly create hard copies of BAC data. All units are battery-operated and deliver pinpoint accuracy up to three decimal places, time after time.

Unitech Supplies is proud to be the distributor of Alcoscan products in Singapore.

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Showing all 6 results