Alcoscan AL7000 Portable Breath Alcohol Tester


Model Alcoscan AL7000
Country of Origin South Korea
Indication of B.A.C. 0.00 to 4.00 ‰ or 0.000 to 0.400%BAC or 0.00 to 2.00 mg/l BrAC by LED display
Sensor Semiconductor type Alcohol Sensor
Accuracy ±0.01%BAC at 0.05%BAC
Mouthpiece Use with disposal mouthpiece (5 pieces included)
Power 2 x 1.5V “AA” size alkaline batteries and 12V cigar jack in car
Auto Power off
Weight 103g (Including batteries)
Dimensions 116mm(height) x 50mm(width) x 21mm(thickness)
Audible warnings 3 steps beep warning of alcohol detection with LED display
Available color Silver
Certificate CE, DOT

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Alcoscan AL7000 Portable Breathalyser

Alcoscan AL7000 is a portable, hand-held breath alcohol tester that uses a semiconductor type sensor for an instant and accurate result. It let you test the alcohol consumption by directly showing the percentage BAC on an LED screen. Let’s see what other features it has to offer:

  • Semiconductor Type Alcohol Sensor: It works on a Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Sensor Module that let you easily check the BAC. Unlike other breath analyzers out there; it doesn’t require re-calibrations time to time, nor shipping the device back and forth to the service center. Instead, it let you easily change the module whenever required. Just snap out the old module and snap in the new one; that’s it.
  • Accuracy: It offers ±0.010% BAC up to 0.015% BAC, which is extremely accurate.
  • LED Display and Audible Warning: It shows the percentage BAC on an LED screen and also provides three steps beep warning on alcohol detection for easy coding.
  • Lightweight and Easy to use: It weighs only 103 grams, and the dimension is so perfect that it just fits in your hand.
  • Certification: It is CE and DOT certified. Thus, you can use it without worrying about any regulatory issues.

What is in the package?
The package contains a Breathalyzer; five mouthpieces; one pouch; one hand strap; two AA size Alkaline Batteries; and a manual.
It uses the two AA size batteries for its power requirements and comes with advanced technology – ‘Auto Power Off’ for a continuous and longer use.
No more processing delays, nor shipping the devices or data back and forth. Contact us to request for a quotation now and have your BAC testing completed into a matter of seconds.

*Note: For a step by step guide to replace the sensor modules, read the Manual provided in the package.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Each set comes with 5 pieces of mouth pieces. If you need additional mouthpieces, you can purchase it from us too.
  2. A No you can't. If you prefer a alcohol that can be used without mouthpiece attached, will recommend our AlcoScan AL6000 breathalyzer model instead.
  3. A Usually the AL7000 can do up to at least 300 tests before it's sensor module needs to be replaced. When its time to replace the sensor module (re-calibrate), the screen of the AL7000 will display a "CAL" sign to inform you.
  4. A For AL7000, no recalibration is required. You just need to purchase a pre-calibrated replacement sensor module from us to replace the existing sensor module in you breathalyzer. The replacement can be done very easily within seconds and you can let us know if you need any help on this.