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Binoculars VS Monoculars : Which is Better?

Prefer a monocular? No problem, just remove a roll 😉

Which is Better?

We frequently get asked this question by our customers when they are trying to decide between purchasing a binocular and a monocular.

However, there simply isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question as it will really depend on how you are intending to use it and what your personal preference is.

So, what are the key differences between a Binocular and a Monocular?

The most obvious difference between a binocular and a monocular is the way they look and the way they are being used. A binocular typically looks like what you’ll get after combining 2 pieces of monoculars together.

For a monocular, it has only one lens that you can hold up to one eye (you can choose to use your left or right eye based on your personal preference), while a binocular comes with 2 lens which you can hold up to both eyes.

“A monocular is simply half a binocular.” ~ Mr Will ~

When should I opt for a binocular or monocular?

Go for a Binocular if:

  1. You are intending to use it for prolong period of time. It can get very uncomfortable looking through a monocular for a long period of time (if you don’t believe me, try closing one eye and use the eye to look at things for 10 mins and see if you will feel the eyestrain) and hence binocular will be a better choice here.
  2. You prefer quality image. No, we are not talking about 4k or full HD resolution stuffs here. When looking through a pair of binocular, as you are using both eyes, it will provide you with better overall depth, distance and three-dimensional viewing as per compared to what you’ll get with monocular, which is usually a bit flatter.

Go for a Monocular if:

  1. You need something that is more compact and more portable. Being smaller and lighter than a binocular, a monocular offers the advantage of being easier to carry around.
  2. You need something that is slightly more budget friendly. When comparing a monocular with a binocular of the same specs, you will usually find that the monocular are being offered at a slightly lower price point.
  3. You have only one eye that is working. No, this isn’t some form of cruel jokes that we are making on people who have impaired eyesight but we do really have a cu stomer who opted for monocular because he has only one eye that is still working and hence it doesn’t make sense for him to purchase a binocular.

Last but not least…

I know, up till this point I still haven’t provide a definitive answer on whether a binocular or a monocular is better piece of equipment and I hopes that the information that I provided so far, has helped make it easier for you to decide on which is better for your usage.

And regardless of whether you ended up deciding that a binocular or a monocular is more suited for your usage, a very important piece of advice here is that, unless you already have prior experience with these equipment, you should always Try it out before you Buy it.

Trying out first is very important, because all the pictures and technical specifications of the binocular or monocular that you read online or from magazines does not provide you with the full picture of how the equipment will eventually feel like in your hand and nor can it explain the kind of viewing quality that you’ll get from the equipment and so, the best bet will always be to do some research first and then try it out before you finally purchase.

And if you would like to try out any of our binoculars or monoculars, just drop us an email or give us a call to let us know before swinging by our office.

“I got binoculars ’cause I don’t want to go that close.”  ~ Mitch Hedberg ~