Anti Corrosive Petrolatum Tapes

Product available in :
812471 – 50MM X 10MTR
812472 – 100MM X 10MTR
812473 – 150MM X 10MTR

*Do let us know if you require the Anti Corrosive Petrolatum Tape with any other specifications that is not listed above.

Stock availability and delivery
Ex stock and delivery can be made within 48 working hours upon confirmation of order (do check with us to confirm).

Delivery details:

Within 2 working days upon confirmation of order. 

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The Anti-corrosive Petrolatum tapes we offer are specifically developed to protect metal surfaces not only in exposed areas, but also in extreme conditions of underwater and underground. The unique quality about these tapes is that they keep adhered even on oddly-shaped and damp surfaces without heating.

  • The preparatory primer on these tapes displace moisture, pacify oxides and fill minor irregularities on the surface to be taped
  • The cold applied filler eases contours to be wrapped on bolts, flanges, pipe joints and other shapes with irregularities
  • They consist of a stitch bonded, non-woven, synthetic fabric infused with inert fillers and compounds with neutral petrolatum

Our anti-corrosive petrolatum tapes are being extensively used to wrap pipe crossings, welded pipe joints, steep pipes, valves and flanges, tank bases, cooling power piping, fire protection, sealing and waterproofing, cable splices, marine pilings, hydraulic pipes, fittings and valves, pipe and sprinkler systems, electrical connection boxes etc.


Our anti-corrosive petrolatum tapes are available in three different sizes:

  • 812471 – 50mm x 10mtr
  • 812472 – 100mm x 10mtr
  • 812473 – 150mm x 10mtr

Tapes can also be customized as per your individual requirements and preferences.

Benefits of using our anti-corrosive petrolatum tapes

  • These tapes can be adhered on wire-brushed surfaces too
  • They repel acids, alkalis, salt and water
  • They give added protection to corroded as well as new surfaces
  • Over time, they don’t peel, harden or crack unlike other tapes in the market
  • They are non-toxic, and safe for the environment too

How to apply

Clean the surface and remove all dirt, scale, oil, moisture and other contaminants. Displace excessive moisture by brushing the primer over the surface. Remove any air pockets by pressing mastic into irregularities on the surface. Wrap the tape around the surface applying even tension.

*We have ex-stock for our Anti-Corrosive Tapes, hence we can usually arrange for delivery upon confirmation of order. For more information, call us at  6848 4867, or click on the ‘Request for Quotation’ button.

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