Back-to-Back Velcro Hook and Loop Tape

Velcro tape with the hook surface on one side and the loop surface on the other side.

Commonly used for bundling of cables, wires or any other objects. When looped one round, the loop surface will attach to the hook surface and hence holding the object firmly in place. Simply pull the hook surface away from the loop surface in order to adjust the objects being bundled together or to remove and reuse the back-to-back velcro tape. Can be reused multiple times without affected the strength of the velcro.



Alternative Names:

  • Self-Engaging Velcro Hook and Loop Tape
  • Self-Gripping Velcro Hook and Loop Tape
  • Double Sided Cable Tie Roll
  • Double Sided Hook and Loop Tape
  • Hook and Loop Double Sided Self-Adhesive Tape

Product available in :

  • 25mm x 5mtr
  • 25mm x 20mtr

*Do let us know if you require the Back-to-Back Velcro Hook and Tape with any other specifications that is not listed above.

Stock availability and delivery details:
Ex-stock; subject to sales. Delivery can be made within 48 working hours upon confirmation of order (do check with us to confirm).

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A For cable ties, they are usually one use only - whenever you need to add/remove cable, you will have to use a new cable tie. Whereelse for our self-gripping hook and loop tape you can use the same tape over and over again (you just need to unfasten the tape to add/remove cables and fasten it back after that) - totally hassle free.
  2. A Each roll of the tape comes with the Hook side at the front and the Loop side at the back. Simply attached the hook side to the loop side and tape will bond together tightly.
  3. A The back-to-back velcro hook and loop tape is not adhesive. If you need to stick it onto the wall, you might want to consider getting our adhesive velcro hook and loop tapes instead.
  4. A Definitely, you can cut the self-engaging hook and loop tape into any length that you require